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In the summer of 1997 we found our first summer truffles in the shady forests of Transylvania, a moment that captured us ever since and put our lives in the servitude of these underground beauties. We searched for more, learned more, and developed our knowledge with the newly emerging industry, growing our activity from hobby to business. Today, after almost two decades, Truffoir is serving the global cuisine with the best quality fresh truffles on the market, building a strong reputation for South-East European truffles. Week by week, our truffles reach our distribution partners around the world, who appreciate the freshness of our merchandise, the rigorousness of our quality selection and the reliability and readiness of our staff.

During these years we managed to separate ourselves from those truffle dealers, who over-promise and under-deliver, as we look to our partnerships as lifelong connection based on reliance and confidence. Truffle trade is a trust-based business, and we earned the trust to move forward. Our fresh truffles from now on will be closed in jars, and start a new journey.

We welcome you in the world of our new product lines!

Fekete András Oszkár and Partners

Truffoir Group


We did not simply reproduce the most known truffle products, but we added a fresh approach to each recipe, matching high quality ingredients to produce a specific taste.


We took all the necessary steps to make tasty, long lasting products that are also safe to consume by the public. Our products were made in HACCP and IFS certified production facilities, to meet the most rigorous health requirements.

Field fresh. Organic

Our truffle products contain Bio certified truffles from our plantation in Hungary, where our team of people and dogs work to produce the best truffles of the land. 

With our strict plantation management system in place, we only harvest mature and healthy truffles that will go in our products without commercial intermediaries. Quality, freshness and production stability is ensured. All year long.

Low on artificial aromas

We just don’t like the metallic taste of the artificial truffle flavoring, so we use natural essences that have a fine, mild taste that would require your taste buds to open up and sense it.

High truffle content

We are fed up with so called “truffle products”, that sometimes have less than one percent of truffle content and rely solely on the artificial aromas to give some taste for it. A truffle product should contain truffles. Real truffles!


TRUE line

After proper cleaning and slicing of our fresh truffles a special drying technique has been used to obtain the best quality dehydrated truffle product, that we name: True Truffle.

It’s True Truffle because it does not contain any additional aroma or flavoring, but only the original taste of the truffle. These truffle slices now can be stored on room temperature and used exactly in the same way, as you would use a fresh truffle slice. The taste is immediately there and is long lasting. This way you can get trough the off-season periods and never miss the original, true truffle pleasure you are used to. Try on any dish, be it a pasta, egg, butter, risotto, cheese or potato. Or why not try the True Honey Truffle in an ice cream or caffe latte? The possibilities are endless, just ask for it!

We have five species of dehydrated truffle, so anyone can find its favorite taste, be it white or black, sweet or with a garlicky fragrance.



We have created our Industrial Line especially with meat, dairy and pastry processors in mind, who need truffles as an extra ingredient for their own products. Cubes, slices or brisure are all on the offer, with or without additional flavoring. These products are sterilized, with a two-year shelf life, packed in aluminum tins for easy and safe use.

Summer Truffle Cubes


Net Weigth: 1 kg
EAN Code: 59418957000338
Pcs per case: 12
Shelf Life: 18 months


Summer Truffle Slices


Net Weigth: 1 kg
EAN Code: 59418957000314
Pcs per case: 12
Shelf Life: 18 months


Summer Truffle Brisure


Net Weigth: 1 kg
EAN Code: 59418957000291
Pcs per case: 12
Shelf Life: 18 months


Olive Oil with Black Truffle Slices


In case you use truffle oil frequently, and the 100 ml package seems way too small for you, we are offering you the 1 liter version of the same high quality oil. Spanish olive oil with our Burgundy truffle makes a perfect combination for each and every day.
Net Weigth: 1 L
EAN Code: 59418957000277
Pcs per case: 12
Shelf Life: 18 months


Black Truffle Pesto


The Black Truffle Pesto is our flagship product that can be used easily in restaurants or catering as well, to garnish meat, cheese, salads or pasta dishes. Now it comes in a big aluminum tin packaging for easy and safe handling.
Net Weigth: 1 kg
EAN Code: 59418957000253
Pcs per case: 12
Shelf Life: 18 months



Fekete A. Oszkár

He barely was fifteen years old, when he organised the first truffle meeting in Eastern Europe and started to build a new industry that no one had any faith in. Through seminars, association meetings, culinary presentations and many media appearances he made the vision become reality. From a non-exisiting truffle culture, he became a well-known strongpoint of the truffle world, clients associating his name with the most reliable truffle source of the region. Don Oszko, as friends call him, embodies the vision of the new truffle era: less mystification and better quality. Promise less and do more. Do more...



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